Kip the Dolphin & Friends

Stories & Animation by John Neyrot

STARRING Kip the Dolphin, Dolly, and Pufster

Free children animations of Kip the dolphin and his friends Dollie the dolphin and Pufster the fish. Check out these fun and exciting free animation videos. These computer animation are fun for everyone that love dolphin cartoons and flash animation! These free animations have been created by John Neyrot, a lover of the sea, dolphins, and his computer. Computer animation has become a new passion for John, but coming up with new and exciting stories has been a challenge. Any ideas or suggestions from you would be appreciated, please email John so he can continue producing these free animations for you and all to enjoy. God Bless!

Kip the Dolphin and Puffer

Kip the Dolphin and the Spaceship

Kip the Dolphin Christmas Message

Kip the Dolphin and Puffer fun

Kip the Dolphin and Dolly the Dolphin at night

Kip the Dolphin and the Gang having fun

Kip the Dolphin playing hide and seek.

Dolly the Dolphin and Puffer

Kip the Dolphin Looks Like Santa

Kip the Dolphin and Gang meet Mr. Seahorse

Kip the Dolphin having fun with the Gang

Kip the Dolphin meets Sharky Skark

Kip the Dolphin sailing adventure

Kip the Dolphin Big Trip

Kip the Dolphin Mother Day Wish

Kip and Dolly Playing

Kip the dolphins the Joker

Kip the dolphins farewell and hello

Kip the dolphin and Dolly the Dolphin Talk with each other

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